Thursday, July 30, 2009


Okay... So as a writing exercise to get used to writing for TV instead of Features I am going to write an episode of "House M.D.". I love the show. I'm familiar with the characters, style, pace, act breaks. I've read a couple of House Scripts. (not as funny on paper - Hugh Laurie really makes it work).

I have been looking for really weird medical problems AND FOUND ONE!!! I have also worked through the A\B\C story arcs. Yippeee... So this weekend, I'm going to sit down and power through 60-70 pages of a House script.

Since he is in the loonie bin recovering from his addiction at the moment. The story will center around Chase, Cameron and Foreman. The B-Story will revolve around Cuddy with a hint of Wilson, and the C-Story... House playing with his Doctor's head.

FUN! I have never tried to write a 60 page script in 4 days... It's only 15 pages a day (I've done that in an hour before). If I play my cards right and get to work, I could have it finished by Saturday and have 2 extra days of polishing!

As a side note... I am losing my mind waiting for the announcement from! I made it to the finals. The script is solid and has a real market appeal at the moment 'cause Vampires are hot and so are Vampire Love stories so I'm confident I will do well in this last round. I just NEED TO KNOW HOW WELL!!!!! Anyway, without sounding cocky it's a sell-able script. As with EVERYTHING it could prob. use a little work, but the story is good, AND I've already outlined the sequel. :) I'm feeling confident in my ability as a writer. Not cocky. That's what I'm working with. There's no reason why Blood & Roses shouldn't win this competition. I just don't know how good the rest of the writers are. There are a lot of unrecognized Genius' out there and I could be up against all of them... You know what I mean? Plus, I already have plans for the prize money, and something on order :) Is that wrong?

Anyway, gotta jet...

Keep writing!!!

- G

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