Friday, March 19, 2010

TV Pilot update


So I've been busy packing up my house. (I'm moving next weekend)... But I have managed to do a little writing here and there. My problem is I'm over thinking everything. Instead of writing I've spent a lot of time analysing other Pilots. i.e. The Pilot for a show called Reaper. I'm in the process of dissecting it, and going over it with a fine tooth comb in order to decipher the secrets of a pilot. The same with the pilots for Buffy and Supernatural... It's almost an obsession...

I am learning a lot... You should read as many scripts as you can get your hands on. Thankfully I have friends in the industry who feed me scripts and new stuff all the time! I am truly grateful for that!!! And I also have friends who are able and willing to guide me and tell me when my writing sucks and when I'm on the right path. Of course... you can't always trust your friends to provide you with honest feedback. Obviously the care about you and your feelings so... ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!!! My is Xandy Sussan of She's GOOD! And a bargain at $150. I trust her to be honest and thorough, and she is witty and sarcastic. So we mesh personality wise... Find someone you mesh with... If you're not in tune with your reader then they won't get you and your writing... It'll be like brushing your hair against the grain! BAD IDEA and all you'll end up with is a big mess.

Anyway... off topic...

I'm also starting to flesh out ideas for my next feature... I think I'm ready (i.e. I have the skills) to write it. It's called Breakfast With Tiffany. Check out the logline for more details... I'm also gearing up for a complete overhaul and rewrite of Ghost Hunter. In its current state it's a bit of a mess... BUT you can go to and download a copy to read if you like... It's a hot mess and I know it... the concepts are sound. I need to fix it... I added a lot of weirdness to it 'cause I started a failed re-write before I finished the first draft... Nightmare...

AND I still need to do a little work on Blood and Roses and Losing Faith. They need some punching up... But other than that... :) check 'em out here

In the meantime... the outline for my TV Pilot is still not quite there... I am anguishing over the fact that its been 6 months and I have yet to write a word of dialog. I have it on good authority though that my efforts to perfect this outline will be quite beneficial when I sit down to write the first draft... I certainly hope so - it's killing me!

Anyway... I'm going to stop rambling... I have far too much to do, and not enough time to do it... NEXT Month however, I am off for 3 wks (surgery). So perhaps, in a painkiller induced state I will rattle off a few pages and actually get someone this writing done!


- G

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