Friday, February 27, 2009


Welcome to The Greenlight Blog. I'm not entirely sure what will go in here. I'm actually thinking that this will be a good place to put the articles about screenwriting, the interviews, and any other ramblings and advice I find along the way. My logic is that by nature this Blog format will allow the interviews and articles to be as long as needed without compromising the look and feel of the overall site. After all we're here to learn and discuss a visual medium. Right?

What can you expect from The Greenlight Blog? Well I'm hoping it will be a good place for you to find information about screenwriting, upcoming script contests (also to be listed in the "News Page"), software evaluation which is something I'm pretty accustom to being a professional computer geek by day, interviews The Greenlight has done with Film Industry professionals and insiders. I will post my personal Movie reviews... Likely to be mostly Sci-Fi because that's what I'm into, but my friends cohorts and fellow writers are welcome to submit a review to me by email. Just contact me through the Greenlight website with an idea or just let me know if you have something to post. I'll email you back and we can go from there.

So... for now be patient. I'm in the middle of a HUGE project at work and haven't had a second to breath for a few weeks so new content has been slow to come, BUT I promise this will be an exciting site for all... Subscribe, bookmark, or do whatever but come back often.

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