Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - The Year it all happens

Ok... I'm just going to throw this out there for ya... By the end of 2010 I will be a produced screenwriter. Period. There's really no question about it. Here's why... and please forgive me if this sounds egotistical... I don't mean it to be...

1) I'm good. I have a great imagination, and stories just come to me like farts to a fat man...
2) I've been told my dialog is "brilliant", "charming", "real", and "effortless"...
3) I know people... and they know people... ;)
4) Why not me? huh?
5) I work hard at it... (this is the real key)
6) I'm determined to make it happen (the second key...)
7) I am building a really nice library of material and it's going to pay off.
8) I listen to my critics. It's one thing to get coverage done and do a re-write... Its a little more difficult to listen to the message behind the comments and apply the theory.
9) See #1.
10) Because I look good in expensive suits and I have an acceptance speech prepared for my first Indy Spirit Award... :)

Really I think it boils down to #5,6,1,2... in that order. Writing is something you do because you have to, because you would be completely lost if you didn't have the outlet... BUT you also have to work at it. Every time you get a sharp comment from a reader you need to ask yourself. OK! How do I make this project better? You can't please everyone... but you have to...

Anyway. I have set some goals for 2010... Lofty ones... but with hard work they are attainable. Every month I will complete a script for a TV show I am currently watching to build my Library and exercises and develop my writing skills. I will finish and polish (to a fine porcelain sheen) my last script "Ghost Hunter" and my next Feature Project "Breakfast with Tiffany". My TV pilot will be complete by months' end and flawless by the end of February... Ready to flog to any and all who will listen... It will be a whirlwind... You won't know what hit you... I promise, I will do my best to entertain you, and when you read my work, I assure you you will walk away happy you took the time... Cheers!

Get ready... cause here I come...

All the best in 2010 my friends!

- G

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