Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok... Sooooo... every once in a while you get a really great idea that needs to be forced out of your head and onto a page before it chews a hole in your brain like those weird beetle things from the Wrath of Khan.

I am currently STRUGGLING to get one such idea out. The TV Pilot... I know I've been cryptic about the content, premise etc. and I will continue to do so, but OMG! This project is going to kill me. I have so many ideas and concepts I want to impart to the audience during the first episode I'm STRUGGLING to find a good, straight forward storyline that has everything I need to have in it, with a little candy for the soul in order to snare the audience into my series trap...

So dilemma... do I give up some of the details and rescue the plot, or do I include the details and leave out some of the candy - that might be the difference between a sale and a pass...

It's a pretty complex concept that I'm trying to impart in 43min. During that time I also have to introduce the characters, their relationships, and personal goals... Ugh! My 5 page outline is pushing 17 pages now... By the time I get to writing the actual script I'm going to have no room for dialog!

Anyway... my rant of the day is simply this... Having good ideas is not always in your best interest!

- G

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